Alex Stein - Outside In Equinox Fall 2018
Alex Stein

Alex Stein knew from the beginning to extract the best of his multicultural creation, divided between Germany, where he lived part of his childhood and studied, and Brazil. In this article, we present the results of a study of the Brazilian discipline and the Brazilian discipline, in which he was introduced to the Brazilian society. his name in the electronic industry.

With more than a decade of dance floor, Alex collects experiences drawn from the dance floors where I played and the travels around the continents of the globe – I have already brought his music to all of them. Each change directed him to find his identity as an artist, resulting in the striking and expressive style of his recent works on internationally renowned labels. Stein has intensified his work in the studio since 2017 and the results are notorious so far. In that period, I have released on labels of the caliber of Suara, Senso Sounds and Hydrozoa and there is more to come in the coming months.

Stein always stands up to all the time he spent in the studio and on the dance floors, in addition to exchanging experience with his professional colleagues, was what actually trained him as a musician and producer, more than his technical training. In parallel to this, Alex remains open to cultural exchanges and recognizes the positive impact that changes and different experiences offer to the formation of an artist, so constantly seeks his personal and professional evolution, to deliver genuine music to his audience more and more.